Art Talk


by Marcel Heijnen, photographer

Blue Lotus Gallery

28 Pound Lane

Sheung Wan

10 April 2019


Free Admission



About the Exhibition

A talk by Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen who in recent years rose to international fame with his Hong Kong Shop Cats series. He will show work off his different ongoing photo series and talk about his journey from working as a graphic designer to becoming a photographer/publisher. Focus will be on his unique Residue Method of taking poetic abstracted shots of cities. Limited edition prints are available during the event and the artist will be happy to sign his books. 

About the Artist

Marcel Heijnen


Marcel Heijnen is a photographer, designer, and musician. Originally from the Netherlands, he has called Asia his home since 1992. Self-taught in nearly everything he does, Marcel’s creativity is driven by a general curiosity about life and its meaning. He works, often concurrently, on a number of photo series, capturing vastly different aspects of life in Asia, but with urbanisation and impermanence as underlying themes. 


Marcel has published four photo books to date with Hong Kong Shop Cats being a bestseller, now in its 5th edition. He is currently working on a book about China Shop Cats, to be published in the mainland later this year.