Art Statements presents


Tamed & Anger and

Skin Deep


by Erwin Olaf  

Art Statements

Gee Chang Hong Centre,

Factory D, 8/F,

65 Wong Chuk Hang Road,

Hong Kong


+ 852 2696 2300

24 March - 28 May, 

Mon – Sat,

12pm – 6pm


or by appointment


About the exhibition

The exhibition features Erwin Olaf’s new series Tamed & Anger and Skin Deep. In Tamed & Anger, the artist exposes himself, with spittle on his lips and bulging eyes, raging at the January 7th, 2015 Paris attacks. Faced with the eternal question of what an artist can do after the shock of such events, Erwin Olaf responds with art, i.e. the sensitive embodiment of his contradictory feelings. In Skin Deep, he shows the colorfulness of human kind and the beauty of the diversity of the human body. Focus on the beautiful shapes of the human body in carefully directed light and stylish backgrounds binds these images to more classical traditions of the nude in art.

About the artist

Mixing photojournalism with studio photography, Erwin Olaf's art implicitly visualizes the unspoken, the overlooked, that which typically resists easy documentation. Olaf's trademark is to address social issues, taboos and bourgeois conventions within the framework of a highly stylised and cunning mode of imagery. By providing scenic and striking design, along with the utmost perfect composition in his typical, immaculate own style, combined with his passion for conceiving flawless scenarios, he vividly captures the essence of contemporary life.