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Dutch Days Museum Seminar "Masters of the Golden Age" 

organised by Asia Week Hong Kong

Saturday, 9 April, 2016   |   3 pm - 4 pm   |   Liang Yi Museum


The Rijksmuseum

Treasure-House of the Netherlands: The Rijksmuseum as Showcase of Dutch Golden Age Painting by Duncan Bull


2:30pm registration

3pm lecture begins


The concept of “Dutch Golden Age” is a relatively modern phenomenon, one that only arose during the later nineteenth century and which was largely fostered by the opening of the Rijksmuseum’s magnificent new building in 1885. There, pride of place was given, as it still is today, to Rembrandt’s van Rijn’s great Night Watch, one of the most powerful pictorial statements of secular civic pride ever to have flowed from brush of a painter. If Rembrandt stood central in the vision of the Rijksmuseum’s foundation and mission, other artists that the Museum profiled came to predominate in the public perception of Dutch art: the calm and measured domestic scenes of Vermeer and De Hooch; the “romantic” landscapes of Ruisdael and Hobbema; the atmospheric church interiors of Saenredam, the perfectly arranged still-lifes of De Heem and Weenix; and the broadly-brushed bravura portraits of Frans Hals. 


Throughout its two-hundred year history, the Rijksmuseum has striven not only to collect and to present its public with a representative collection of Dutch Golden-Age painting, but also to acquire as many of the greatest masterpieces by the greatest Dutch painters as it can. This lecture traces the growth of that collection amidst the changes of taste that increasingly saw the Dutch school of painting take it place in public perception among the very greatest European cultural achievements.

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