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21/4 – 19:30 - Son of Mine

21/4 – 21:30 - Blood, Sweat & Tears

22/4 – 19:30 - Schneider vs Bax

22/4 – 21:30 - The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen

23/4 – 15:30 - The Surprise

23/4 – 17:40 - The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen

23/4 – 19:50 - Schneider vs Bax

24/4 – 17:40 - Son of Mine

24/4 – 15:30 - Blood, Sweat & Tears

24/4 – 19:50 - The Surprise

Son of Mine (Gluckauf)


21/4, 19:30  |   24/4, 17:40 


Director: Remy van Heugten

Cast: Johan Leysen, Bart Slegers, Ali Ben Horsting


Drama / The Netherlands / 2015 / 102 min


Fifty-something Lei is a petty criminal just about getting by in the Dutch province of Zuid-Limburg. His son Jeffrey is everything to him; all he has. Gluckauf revolves around this suffocating love. However, it is afflicted by a curse that has its roots in the history of the region. Without the point being overly labored, the closing of the mines in this forgotten part of the Netherlands is felt in every pore of the narrative, like a wound that just won't heal.

Blood, Sweat & Tears


21/4, 21:30  |   24/4, 15:30


Director: Diederick Koopal

Cast: Martijn Fischer, Hadewych Minis, Fedja van Huêt


Drama / The Netherlands / 2015 / 111 min


Bloed, Zweet en Tranen (Blood, Sweat and Tears) is the true story about the turbulent life of the legendary Dutch folk singer Andre Hazes: an artist who loved - and lived - the blues. This movie follows Hazes through three crucial phases in his life: his youth as an 8-year-old street singer in the 60’s, his discovery and breakthrough; his dazzling rise to fame in the 80’s and the last year of his life in early ‘00’s in the aftermath of his career, when his famous voice became seriously a ected by his deteriorating hearing and alcoholism.



Schneider vs Bax


22/4, 19:30  |   23/4, 19:50 


Director: Alex van Warmerdam
Cast: Tom Dewispelaere, Alex van Warmerdam, Maria Kraakman

Comedy, Thriller / The Netherlands / 2015 / 96 min 


Schneider, a contract killer, gets a phone call from Mertens. Mertens has a rush job for Schneider, but Schneider refuses. It is his birthday and he has promised his wife Lucy to help with the dinner they’ve planned for that evening. Mertens stresses that it is important and needs to be done that day. ”It’s Ramon Bax, a writer. He lives on his own on the edge of a remote lake. It’s an easy job, with a bit of luck you’ll be back before lunchtime.”

Reluctantly, Schneider agrees, but the easy job turns out to have its complications.

The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen

(De Grote Zwaen)


22/4, 21:30  |   23/4, 17:40


Director: Max Porcelijn
Cast: Peter van de Witte, Ton Kas, Michiel Romeyn

Crime, Thriller / The Netherlands / 2015 / 110 min 


The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen is a lm set in the 90’s about Amsterdam-based writer Gerard F. Zwaen, who becomes entangled in a plot involving a drug tra cker, a dodgy tax inspector and an internal a airs agent...

The Surprise (De Surprise)


23/4, 15:30  |   24/4, 19:50  


Director: Mike van Diem

Cast: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Georgina Verbaan, Jan Decleir


Romantic comedy / The Netherlands / 2015 / 102 min


An eccentric billionaire signs a contract with a secret organisation that agrees to kill him for money. Since he books the “surprise” package, he has no idea which method will be used to dispatch him. While he is choosing a co n at the funeral arm of the organisation, he meets a young woman who has the same kind of contract. The two doomed people talk about their motivation for this decision and fall in love with each other while they await their fate. But there is no turning back now: the contract killers won’t allow any delay.