Architecture Talk


Automated Landscapes: Architectures of Work without Workers

Room N101B
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

31 March 2018

2 pm - 3 pm

Free Admission

About the Event

The incursion of artificial intelligence and automation into productive landscapes has come to be seen as the trigger for major shifts in labour ethos and conditions. Under the premise that automation also influences the design and occupation of the built environment, this project reflects upon the emerging architectures of automated labour in the Pearl River Delta (PRD). As the region becomes one of the main arenas for the transition towards manufacturing systems based on human and robot interaction, how do these conditions of production impact the city and ultimately the bodies that inhabit it?

About the Speakers

Marina Otero Verzier

Director of Research, Het Nieuwe Instituut

Merve Bedir

Co-researcher, Automated Landscapes, Hong Kong


Aric Chen
Lead Curator, Design and Architecture, M+

Marisa Yiu
Co-founder and Executive Director, Design Trust

Roberto Requejo
HKU Faculty of Architecture

De Kai
Distinguished Research Scholar, ICSI, Berkeley,
and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST

About Automated Landscapes

This presentation is part of ‘Automated Landscapes,’ a long-term collaborative research initiative on the implications of automation for the built environment, launched in 2017 by Het Nieuwe Instituut. The research on PRD is conducted in collaboration with Future+ Aformal Academy, and supported by Design Trust (an initiative of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design), and the Consulate of the Netherlands in Guangzhou.

About Automated Landscapes

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