16-22 April 2019

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Over the past years, the Dutch film industry has produced internationally acclaimed films a number of which have won famous awards. For this year, we have selected five movies that show what modern Dutch film making has to offer. The Dutch film industry stands out for its critical view towards society and several of the movies in this year’s Dutch Film Festival bear testimony to that. While the other films are more light-hearted, action packed, and family friendly.  

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genre: romantic comedy


A stock photographer seeks to find the perfect man for his single mother so that he can continue his world travels. 

When his job as a stock photographer no longer pays the bills, world traveler Chris (33) is forced to return home and live out of his mom’s pocket. In order to grab some fast cash and get back on the road, he makes a video for a dating agency that involves his mother. When the video accidentally goes viral, Chris has no other choice but to hang around and find his mother a date…



genre: romantic comedy


Songwriter Ruben appears to be the father of an eight-month-old son after the unexpected death of a one-night-stand.

Songwriter Ruben doesn’t take life too seriously. But when he appears to be the father of an eight-month-old son after the unexpected death of a one-night-stand, his whole world is turned upside down. Without any preparation, Ruben is suddenly having to care for baby Oscar. And if things weren’t complicated enough, his fast-living new sister-in-law, Lucy, decides that she wants to take care of her young nephew too – alongside Ruben if necessary.



genre: drama


Open seas is a coming-of-age story about friendship, desires, and growing up. As three young friends stumble towards maturity during their student days in Amsterdam, the sudden death of one of them serves to concentrate their minds. In the course of this turbulent period they try to break free from their parents and their backgrounds, experience the meaning of friendship and find out who they really are. 



genre: comedy, drama, ensemble film


Orange fever: lunacy or passion?


As the whole of The Netherlands is preparing for the World Cup, all the characters are overcome by ‘Orange Fever’, which seems to either bring them closer together, or drive them apart… 



genre: historical saga/action/thriller

In 754 after Christ the monk Bonifatius was killed at Dokkum, according to historical sources by ‘barbarian’ warriors. Is he really murdered by a bunch of bloodthirsty savages or is that just the Christian version of the history? That’s the story of Redbad. The violent religious battle that took place at that period plays a prominent role in the film.