Conrad Hong Kong presents


Art x Dining at Conrad Hong Kong
with Frank van Driel:
The Marriage

Brasserie on the Eighth
Level 8
Conrad Hong Kong
88 Queensway

Information: +852 2822 8803

20- 30 April 2018

12:00 noon -

10:30 pm

About the event

Frank van Driel (Leiden, 1966) creates contemporary still life stories with a stylized reality using photography.


In a subtle way he questions current events concerning nature, nature conservation, food and food scarcity with a great passion for purity. In his layered work therefore you can find new elements over and over again. This he accomplishes mainly with the help of 17th-century symbolism, movement and by deliberately omitting key elements. He likes to refer to Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 17th century because of the use of light and the symbolism. Now frank tells new contemporary stories that he finds need to be told.


Frank’s atelier dating back to the year 1424 lies in the heart of the medieval city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. For creating his still life pieces Frank only uses daylight and no photoshop. Nature is a great source of inspiration for the traditional-looking still lifes.


Hidden visual messages reflect his view of the world. With an eye for sustainability and special details, the serene photographs connect past, present and future with each other. According to his concept of harvest-shoot-eat, acquired and borrowed objects find a new function and interplay with game, fish, flowers and fruits.


After arranging and photographing the tableau nothing goes to waste. The circular economy is deeply embedded in his way of life. The autonomous work of Frank van Driel is included in collections of companies and private collectors. In addition, his work is published in magazines and presented at leading art fairs at home and abroad.