Kavelaars in Hong Kong


Merijn Kavelaars Solo Exhibition

by Merlin Kavelaars & Lucie Chang Fine Arts

Lucie Chang Fine Arts, 26 Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Information: +852 2546 8128

19 April - 19 May 2018


Opening night:
19 April 2018
18:30 - 20:30

Free Admission

About the Exhibition

Dutch artist Merijn Kavelaars created artworks that fill up the venue with exuberant colours, insouciant lines and organic shapes, leaving no space unpainted. The heart of the exhibition is about celebrating diverse culture, unleashed creativity and an almost extreme approach to art making. “I’ve always been that way,” Kavelaars said, “for me it [art-making] is the most extreme form of being aware that you’re alive.”


The first Hong Kong solo exhibition of Merijn Kavelaars, boldly titled “No Good Can Come Out of It,” will be housed in Lucie Chang Fine Arts. It showcases an energetic body of most recent oil paintings, murals and paper works by Kavelaars. The exhibition will demonstrate the artist’s earnest and energetic approach to site-specific art making and will also host a live Chinese ink painting performance by the artist, which aims to combine interaction, entertainment, and festivities into a unique experience for the audience. Based in Amsterdam, Kavelaars’s bodies of works are largely inspired by the urban landscapes and personal encounters of cities and areas where he traveled and lived. Often depicting animals and creating organic shapes with cartoonish outline and even having developed a self-made alphabetic system, Kavelaars makes unabashed references to Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso, and other great masters. This dynamic and border-crossing exhibition aims to serve as an invitation for the local art scene to experiment and celebrate the young painter’s brand of freedom.

About the Artist

Merijn Kavelaars

Valkenswaard, The Netherlands, 1985

Merijn Kavelaars has lived and worked in Amsterdam and Shanghai, and also in Tehran as a result of his residency at the Pejman Foundation. He won the Stolichnaya Art Contest and his work are in private collections all over the world.


Seeking mutual engagement and process of discovery for both the audience and the artist in a physical practice of art making, Kavelaars use site-specific projects as a platform for interactions.


The painter’s proper visual language, which he employed in works that merge site-specific installation, painting, and sculpture, is marked by his experimentation with line, vibrant colour and organic shapes. It has developed out of Kavelaars’ intuition for arranging shapes and colour to create a visual sense of movement to implicate the audience in the work in a playful and energetic manner. The result is a world to get lost in for the viewer as much as for the artist himself: artworks which are open to a process of endless interpretation.

About Lucie Chang Fine Arts

Lucie Chang founded Lucie Chang Fine Arts in 2011. The Hong Kong based gallery has been encouraging social dialogues and diversity in the forms of contemporary art.


Working in concert with collectors from Hong Kong, Europe and Greater China, Lucie Chang Fine Arts has stable collector resources. The gallery has also enjoyed close relationships with major academic institutions and organisations. Among the community of academia, art galleries and curators, Lucie Chang Fine Arts has garnered a reputation of paying close attention to the continuous and high-quality presentation of art works as well as organizing important and strongly curated exhibitions.


Promoting art works carrying Chinese cultural implications in wide-ranging media has always been the gallery's long-term mission. However, the gallery has been redefining its role in the art scene of Asia and beyond, welcoming a variety of international talents into its programme.