Hong Kong Repertory Theatre presents


International Black Box Festival 2016:
Toneelgroep Amsterdam La voix humaine (Netherlands)


Hong Kong City Hall Theatre 5 Edinburgh Pl, Hong Kong

Programme Enquiries: 3103 5900 / www.hkrep.com

15-16 April, 2016   |   8:15 pm  

17 April, 2016   |   2:45 pm  


The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre presents its second International Black BoxFestival this year under the theme of ‘The Colours of Humanity’. The opening theatre performance of the festival is La voix humaine, directed by Ivo van Hove, Artistic Director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, a leading theatre company in the Netherlands. The performance is adapted from a soliloquy written by French poet and director Jean Cocteau, and performed by Halina Reijn, a renowned stage and film actress in the Netherlands.

A lovelorn woman and her painful confession:In Jean Cocteau’s play La voix humaine (the human voice), a lone actress talks on the phone to a lover she has just broken up with. She keeps getting interrupted by a bad connection. For about an hour, the unnamed woman goes through a rollercoasterof emotions as she addresses the man who left her, and herself. It is uncommonly, uncomfortably voyeuristic, even for theatre. Ivo van Hove drives the point home by placing his performer, Halina Reijn, in a small boxlike room and behind a big glass window, through which the audience scrutinizes her. It feels as if she is imprisoned in her own apartment, and at times she roams her limited space like a caged animal.

Presented in Dutch with Chinese and English subtitles 



Registration fee: HKD 360 / HKD280 / HKD180 * *With partially restricted sightline


Ticketing Enquiries: 3761 6661 Credit Card Booking: 2111 5999 Online