Orange Fest


by Tom Bar & Grill and Panorama

Harbour View 2, S088-S089,

16 Science Park E Ave, Tai Po

22, 23, 29, 30

April 2017

12pm onward

About the event

The owners of Tom Bar & Grill and Panorama have a strong tight with the Netherlands. To promote the Dutch culture, for the very first time, they want to promote typical Dutch food to Hong Kong people. During the 2 weekends before and after the King’s Day which is on 27 April, the outdoor area of both restaurants will be turn into a small Dutch food court, serving Dutch oysters, mussels, herrings, stamppot (mash potato dish), erwtensoep (Dutch bean soup) but also snacks like bitterballen (fried meat balls), frikandellen (fried sausage), poffertje (Dutch mini pancakes) and various Dutch cheeses, chocolate etc. There will be Dutch drinks served. On Saturday evening, there will be Dutch EDM music available.