Peer to Pier


by Hearttohard (Netherlands) & Unity Space (Hong Kong)


Part of the Hong Kong ICAROS Residency and International Choreography Festival, and the Dutch Days in Hong Kong, we present a visual installation and an onsite performance 'The Voyage' with 8 female artists from Hong Kong and the Netherlands as the first phase of the project.


Visual Installation

'Peer to Pier'

15-22 April, 12 - 6 PM

Mur Nomade, Unit 1606, Hing Wai Industrial Centre,

7 Tin Wan Praya Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong


A one year project in which female artists (HK/NL) of different generations research the topic “growth”. More info:


Site-specific performance 

'The Voyage'

16 April,

3 PM meet the visual artist

4:30 - 5:30 PM dance performance


Bold, timid, weird, serious, small, loud and all the other things that we are!! In this performance, cultures, daily life and art meet one another. 

A pier is the place where a journey starts or ends. 

Hong Kong and Dutch female artists invite you to a journey over sea from one stage in life to another with the aim to expand. Silence and solitude, finding the little powerful Tom Thumb voice inside of oneself, making unpopular choices; these all seem part of the journey to a genuine and unique expansion. The artists will reflect on their experiences in life and work, both successes and failures, struggles and achievements. "Peer to Peer" refers to the sharing of information, intergenerational learning and being well-grounded in oneself so that you can cheer on the others.


Choreography and Concept

Illse Evers

Marloes van Houten



Jin Heng

Jeannine La Rose 

Constanze Lee

Trista Ma Ka Yue

Linda Tong

Ivy Tsui Yik Chit

Rebecca Pik Kei Wong

May Yeung



Tickets: HKD 220, HKD120,

HKD60 (senior citizens & students)


*With ticket for the evening show in Sheung Wan Theatre, audience can also also access onsite performance "The Voyage" of the Peer to Pier group.


Programme schedule



Vangelis Legakis

+852 6561 4588 or

The Voyage - May Yeung - 1
The Voyage - May Yeung - 2
The Voyage - May Yeung - 3
The Voyage - May Yeung - 4
The Voyage - May Yeung - 5
The Voyage - May Yeung - 6
The Voyage - May Yeung - 7
The Voyage - May Yeung - 8