Plastic Recycling Seminar:
Innovative Plastic Recycling
Technology for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University
Shaw Campus
Lam Woo International
Conference Centre,
34 Renfrew Road
Kowloon Tong

25 April 2018

3:15pm – 5:30pm

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Free, registration at:


About the Event

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Plastic waste is seen as a major environmental threat worldwide. In Hong Kong, the Government has introduced new policies to overcome this challenge, requiring the public and private sectors to collect and recycle plastic waste.


The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will co-host with the Hong Kong Baptist University a symposium about sharing a new Dutch innovative technology in waste plastic separation, namely, the Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) technology developed by Delft University of Technology.


Being the biggest gasoline port in the world and the second of Europe in coal shipping, the Port of Amsterdam is a large fossil fuel port nowadays. In 2008, the Port of Amsterdam decided not to lease any new land to
fossil fuel terminals, and in 2017 it decided to ban coal to be shipped out of the port by 2030. In his presentation, Roon van Maanen from the Port of Amsterdam will discuss the strategic growth ambitions of the circular
economy and renewable industry.

About the Speakers

Roon van Maanen

Head of the Circular and Renewable Industry Team, Port of Amsterdam

After studying Civil Engineering for one year at Delft University of Technology, Roon van Maanen studied law at the University of Groningen. Before joining the Port of Amsterdam in 2008, he was an attorney at law in Amsterdam.


Van Maanen leads the Circular & Renewable Industry team, focusing on the circular economy (collection, recycling, upcycling), renewable energy (biofuels, solar, wind) and chemistry. He also leads the innovation hub, Prodock.

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