Fabrik Gallery presents


The Colour of Light

Urban Landscapes in Memories of Light


by Wessel Huisman

Fabrik Gallery,

1102 Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street,

Sheung Wan,

Hong Kong

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Renowned Dutch artist Wessel Huisman will present his urban landscape series, The Colour of Light, at Fabrik Gallery from April 6 until May 6, 2016. Collectors and enthusiasts of art and architecture are welcome to join the opening from 6:30pm on Wednesday April 6 or visit the gallery at other times.


Like the Dutch masters Rembrandt and Vermeer, the use of light and its manipulation within spaces is a fascination Wessel Huisman shares. Light and its play among architectural forms, serve as the platform for his new series that highlights the familiar urban cityscapes of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. For the artist, Hong Kong’s architecture is like a stage where light changes, reflects and bounces off myriad surfaces and angles creating a unique light panorama. The artist uses "light memories" to create a sense of a distant time and space while in the present, thus the past is present now. Of these light memories the artist says, “light can give you back your history, not only as a thought or memory but as a vital and intense experience...it strongly influences the sentiment with which you experience your reality.” The light circumstances are then transposed upon urban façades rendered in the figurative but freed from the laws of construction and gravity. A further abstract feature is added in the form of lines, strokes and rectangles. This gives his work an extra depth, rhythm and movement. 

About the exhibition

6 April - 6 May

Mon - Fri

10 am - 6 pm


Sat & Sun

by appointment

About the artist

Wessel Huisman belongs to the elite of Dutch artists. Born in 1954 in Breda, Netherlands, Huisman graduated in 1981 from Radboud University Nijmegen, majoring in Economic and Social History. In 1984, he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Arnhem, becoming its managing director later that year and holding this post until 2006. After practising in various media, Huisman decided in the 1990’s to focus solely on painting, a medium that he loves and respects.


In his works, the artist uses mostly black and white to create layer upon layer of shades of grey. This process can take several months. More recently, Huisman has incorporated other hues, like blue and red, to specify the “mood” of the light. The title of the series, The Colour of Light, reflects this change of approach.


Huisman’s works have been exhibited through Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy where in 2013 he won the “Lorenzo Il Magnifico” prize at the Florence Biennale. His works have also been exhibited in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and the USA. The Dutch Government, as well as various local and international corporations like Heineken and Swedish SKF Bearings, are collectors of Huisman’s works. Private collectors include relatives of the Dutch Royal Family and Dirk van der Broek, founder of one of the largest family-owned businesses in the Netherlands. The artist’s works have been commissioned by Holland America Cruise lines (2010) and The Dutch Consulate General in Düsseldorf, Germany (2000)."17 April 1972" by Wessel Huisman, 70 x 100 cm, Acrylic on Canvas