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20:00 - "Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River'



20:00 - "Love Revisited"


20:00 - "TULIPANI: Love, Honour and a Bicycle"


20:00 - "100% Coco"


20:00 - "Younger Days "

21:50 - "Love Revisited"

18:10 - "Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River"

20:00 - "TULIPANI: Love, Honour and a Bicycle"


18:10 - "100% Coco"

20:00 - "Younger Days"

16-22 April 2018

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HKD 70: concession

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About the event

Although the Dutch film industry is relatively small, over the years it has produced a number of internationally acclaimed films a number of which have won famous awards. The five movies we have selected for you this year, all releases from 2017, are among the best that modern Dutch film making has to offer. The Dutch film industry stands out for its critical view towards society and several of the movies in this year’s Dutch Film Festival bear testimony to that. Apart from that, the Dutch film industry is becoming more and more diverse: three films of this year’s selection have female directors.

Find This Dumb Little Bitch and
Throw H
er Into a River

20:00 - 16 Apr / 18:10 - 21 Apr


The debut feature by the award-winning Dutch director, Ben Brand. The film is inspired by a true story. 15-year-old Remco and 13-year-old Lizzy live with their single father who runs an illicit business selling imported puppies. In an attempt to seek attention and admiration, Remco shoots and posts a shocking video on the internet, in which his giggling sister throws sick-yet-alive puppies into a river! The video soon goes viral but to Remco’s astonishment, the abusive comments from the public generates a whirlwind of consequences that the siblings have to deal with. The English title of the movie ‘FIND THIS DUMB LITTLE BITCH AND THROW HER INTO A RIVER’ is the exact copy of the video’s comments posted by an angry crowd back then. Even director Michael Bay (Transformer series) also offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of this puppy-throwing girl! In the film, director Ben Brand tries to deal with the controversial issues from a more human perspective. It is a film about growing up and making mistakes.

Love Revisited


20:00 - 17 Apr / 21:50 - 20 Apr

A story about love and moral. At the funeral of their forty-year-old son, Fer and Fransje, the two divorced sixty-year olds meet each other again after many years of separation. In their immense and unspeakable grief looking for consolation, they see each other more often and their love is rekindled. While the love affairs further develop, they get into a moral dilemma and entangled in this newly found love. Finally they decided to confess their relationship to their families as well as grandchildren. Nicole van Kilsdonk is a well-known Dutch director and scriptwriter who portrays a variety of film genres in a powerful, yet unsentimental way. Her previous works, Deining (2004) and Patatje oorlog (2011) were awarded in Golden Calf, Netherlands Film Festival and Cinekid Festival respectively.

TULIPANI: Love, Honour and a Bicycle

20:00 - 18 Apr / 20:00 - 21 Apr


Love, honour and a bicycle is directed by Academy Award® director, Mike van Diem and was chosen as the Opening Film for 2017 Netherlands Film Festival. Gauke (Gijs Naber), a romantic Dutch farmer, is determined to never have wet socks again after losing his farm during the devastating floods of 1953. He cycles for five days to the sizzling hot South of Italy, Puglia to start a new life, where he miraculously cultivates tulips for trade. Combined with his passionate love life, he became a legendary local hero – and then suddenly disappeared. Thirty years later, an Italian police inspector uncovers the truth of the past with the help of a young woman Anna (Ksenia Solo). Director Mike van Diem ranks among the most renowned filmmakers in the Netherlands. His film, Character (1997) won the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film. Van Diem took 18 years to return to make The Surprise (2015), a feature film which was nominated several awards in Golden Calf, Netherlands Film Festival. His new film TULIPANI: Love, honour and a bicycle plays like a romantic fairy tale full of humour and heart.

100% Coco


20:00 - 19 Apr / 18:10 - 22 Apr


A film by Tessa Schram, daughter of the award-winning director and producer Dave Schram and Maria Peters. The 13-year-old Coco (Nola Kemper) is enthusiastic about fashion and wears her own eccentric style. She always dreams of being a famous style icon. However, on the first day of school, after being ridiculed and called “Coco the Clown” for the way she dressed, she decides to leave her vintage dresses, Leopard boots and striped socks at home and go through life at school as an unobtrusive girl. She anonymously runs a vlog called “Style Tiger” which then becomes a big hit, but no one suspects that Coco is behind it. Would she become a famous style icon? Would she finally draw the attention from Bruno (Valentine Ave), that quirky boy at school? It is a story about friendship, growth and always dare to be your authentic self. The film is adapted from the extremely popular book 100%Coco by the Dutch writer Niki Smit, author of the successful 100% series and was awarded several Dutch literary prizes, while the book 100%Coco won the prize of the Dutch Children’s Jury in 2014.

Younger Days


20:00 - 20 Apr / 20:00 - 22 Apr

Younger Days is inspired by the Academy Award®-nominated film, The Big Chill back in 1983. A group of middle-aged bandmates reunite to commemorate a deceased friend, Kas who was the singer and front man in the band they all played in, also the oldest and role model to the rest. They have all moved on to different things, leaving their rebellious rock ‘n’ roll past behind. For some of them, life hasn’t turned out to be what they expected. But the reunion promises to be fun, chaotic and fueled by drink, just like the good old days. The relaxed atmosphere degenerates into conflict and revelations when one of the friends’ twenty-six years old girlfriend, Delphina appears and exposes everyone’s weaknesses, putting their bond to severe tests. Director Paula van der Oest is one of the most prolific directors of her generation in the Netherlands. Her film Accused (2014) and Tonio (2016) were both chosen to represent the Netherlands in the race for Academy Award® for Foreign Language Film.