Urban Talk


Space, Place & the City: successful streetscapes in Hong Kong

Chinese YMCA,
1/ F (side entrance),
23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

20 April 2017


About the talk

Creating livable and lovable places is now a more difficult challenge than ever for Hong Kong's planners and architects.


Two Hong Kong based Dutch urban professionals - a planner and an architect - share their perspectives and observations on creating places that work, primarily in the city's housing estates and older neighbourhoods. The talk is complemented by a photo exhibition by a Dutch and a Hong Kong photographer both inspired by Hong Kong's unique streetscape at a time where the city’s cultural identity is slowly disappearing.

About the panel

Deborah Kuh 

Deborah is an internationally recognised designer with over fifteen years’ experience specialising in inter and trans-disciplinary urban design, master planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interpretation and furniture design.  Her works are noted for its connectivity, tactility and a humble respect to the diversity of the human condition.


She has taught design studios at The University of Western Australia (UWA), Curtin University of Technology, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), along with an annual lecture for the Constructed Ecology unit at The University of Melbourne.


Since taking up her post, Deborah has been exploring a range of policy opportunities to augment a more liveable city. Key policy positions include:

  • Develop resilient and adaptive landscapes

  • Support Place Ecology through Progressive Development

  • Promote biodiversity in the city

  • Establish blue + green eco-services networks

  • Develop a robust Urban Forestry Management Strategy.

Ester van Steekelenburg

Urban Discovery

Ester has been working in heritage preservation all around Asia, from Beijing to Bangkok. She works with governments, developers and NGO’s to build the business case for urban regeneration and to better capitalise on their heritage assets. She is also the founder iDiscover, a socially responsible travel app with community curated walking and cycling routes in Asia’s most authentic neighbourhoods.

Inge Goudsmit

Associate Architect at OMA*AMO Asia


Having lived and worked in Beijing and Hong Kong over the past decade, she oversaw a number of projects in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal, among them the Taipei Performing Arts Center that is currently under construction. Goudsmit is a former visiting Professor at the Architecture Departments of the Chinese University and Hong Kong University, and she is actively involved in lectures and research initiatives in the region.

Kevin Mak

Registered Architect at OMA Asia & Urban Photographer

Kevin Mak is a Hong Kong registered architect at OMA Asia & an urban photographer – as @kingymak on Instagram. He curates visual stories through capturing the liveliness of the imperfections, informalities & contradictions within urban environment. In the last 2 years, he was selected as Generation T 100 by Hong Kong Tatler, 25 Architecture Feeds to Follow by Archdaily, & Top 10 Instagrammers by Time Out Hong Kong.

Sarie Moolenburgh

Sarie Mgh Photography

Dutch South African photographer based in Hong Kong. After 8 years of working for a branding and design agency, she transformed her photography hobby into a full-time job, working for various companies and brands in real estate, fashion & lifestyle.

Her personal style is fine art photography focusing on portraits and documentaries, where the connection between people and their environment is highlighted. With her oldskool analogue camera, she is searching for the boundaries of photography and art. Last year she had her first solo exhibition ‘A World of Fantasy’ showing a summary of her film photography work in Hong Kong.