Shared Heritage
Delft Blue Tile Workshop

Master painter of Delftware will give an online tutorial via Zoom on how to paint Delftware motifs. The workshop begins with a brief introduction to the history of Delft blue pottery. Afterward, participants will quickly get to work with their own tiles. Throughout the workshop, the Master Painter from Royal Deft Museum will give tips and tricks on how to paint a perfect tile.

Delft Blue Painting.jpg

28 May, 2021

2:30 pm

Raimondi College

No.2 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


Royal Delft Museum

Master Painter:

Royal Delft Master Painter

Upon registration, participants can pick up the package from the painting studio. The package contains login details to the Zoom meeting, a tile, a container, a Dutch Lady milk, and two paintbrushes. Come and paint with us now!

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